About Me

My Story

As with many professional photographers, my journey began as a passionate hobby, where I dedicated my time to capturing memorable moments at charity events and documenting my son's football team in action. The dynamic shots I captured were often praised for their incredible quality. This experience ignited my interest in portrait photography, as I found great fulfillment in capturing genuine emotions and creating compelling images that resonate with viewers, much like the impact of a painting or sculpture.


The Artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of. 


Leonardo Da Vinci


Melissa Snow Photography specializes in capturing images in a style that is modern yet timeless, interesting and vibrant, with a focus on exhilarating moments and pure emotion. Melissa Snow uses her experience, skills and knowledge to ensure your photos are exactly the way you want them to be. Photography is a lifelong passion for Melissa Snow and this is reflected in the stunning images she produces.